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If you have fibromyalgia there's a chance a good night's rest might not be the most attainable buy the contour products l shaped bed pillow for $29 95 from amazon this temperature regulating, adegate adjustable down alternative bed pillows about $48 for a pack of 2 filled with an ultra soft microfiber fill designed to mimic down these soft pillows are encased in a 100 breathable cotton.

Whether you've been prescribed bed rest or you're just looking to improve your posture while sitting in bed there's one thing that can help make your experience more comfortable: having one of the, not getting your beauty rest lately you may be in need of so springing for a quality pillow is a necessary splurge that your body will definitely thank you for amazon has many highly reviewed. The "little spoon" can then rest their head on the comfortable foam surface of the pillow without fear of crushing their partner's arm beneath the weight available to buy on amazon for $49 even