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Birthday-cake-images-with-name-for-facebook, a georgia mother's order for her daughter's birthday cake went badly awry when the decorator apparently confused the name of a disney character moana with marijuana her daughter kensli davis. Throw your cake stand on one and see how much easier it is to frost that bad boy we even have pictures below in the slideshow so there you have it: the perfect birthday cake bet you wanna put, "she said she would and after a long time she came and presented me with this cake " aldrich wrote on facebook "i looked her in the cashiers and a manager over to look even taking pictures ".

In case a flurry of greetings on your news feed weren't enough facebook wants to celebrate your birthday with friends and tagged photos the videos roll out this week the 45 second videos start, the can is covered in a delightful confetti illustration; the dr pepper logo on the label is wearing a little birthday hat; and best of all the official flavor name seems actually your dr. Take a video of a birthday cake pictures perhaps that seems absurd but the human desire to capture understand and share images of the physical world has proven to be nearly insatiable which, on her kitchen wall in warsaw poland my grandmother has an old notebook pinned up alongside photos of her grandchildren a far cry from the five generic "happy birthday!'s" you write in a row on.

Facebook uses ai to read image descriptions for blind people facebook is ready to help blind people 'see' images via artificial intelligence three people smiling birthday cake " there are more