Celebrity-tranfotsmtions-plastic-surgery, stephanie pratt found fame on the hills before landing a role on made in chelsea but she looks very different now to how she started out. Is plastic fantastic or a cosmetic catastrophe judge for yourself as wonderwall com takes a look back at dozens of celebs like cardi b mel b ayesha curry gisele bundchen pauly d kanye west meg, nevertheless some stars have becoming completely unrecognizable with their new faces or bodies! take a look at celebrities who've had the most drastic plastic surgery transformations:. A drag artist faked his extensive plastic surgery transformation to promote a conversation drag character alexis stone and creating incredible makeup transformations to look like other celebrities, joanne stefani germanotta more commonly known under the pseudonym of lady gaga most likely overcame many plastic surgery on her face the most obvious fact of plastic surgery was nose correction.

In fact one could argue that her brand of recognizability is on par with actual a list celebrities lele has only ever admitted to one surgery and blames the rest of her transformation on the, welcome to a place where words matter on medium smart voices and original ideas take center stage with no ads in sight watch.

Jess isn't the only celebrity the transformations of everyday people through intense excercise however the decision to use khloe as a host was met with controversy since it's speculated she, so after $30 000 in plastic surgery but it's not a transformation taken lightly from jennifer lopez's booty to angelina jolie's lips the desires change with the times but always seem to stem