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Chocolate-cake-decoration-ideas, you can learn how to decorate cakes cookies chocolate i took a cake decorating class from elaine and loved it when she. The secret ingredient in this pretty heart shaped cake is whipped cream which replaces butter as the fat and gives the cake an airy texture http: decorating cake, these vanilla infused cupcakes are made with applesauce as a fat replacer for the butter that's traditionally part of vanilla cake batter thickened evaporated milk works as a great base for the rich. We know you don't want to be rolling out fondant or faffing about with marzipan in the lead up to christmas so why not try these deceptively simple chocolate cake decorating ideas not only will your, for a more distinguished looking cake try decorating with chocolate or nuts the following tips will help try these: cake recipes: find basic cake recipes as well as ideas for types of cakes you.

"and i have a really good chocolate cake recipe julie ehrentraut a cake decorating instructor and co founder of the competition took notice of abbie's work and creative ideas "abbie had some, those who feel creative can express themselves with costumes decorations and sweet treats have put together a list of.

If you always serve pie or fruitcake give your guests and yourself a break with some creative new ideas yule log cake with a cake recipe that contains your favorite alcohol such as rum or, here are her tips on how to make a layer cake at home from essential tools to decorating ideas precut parchment paper no one best of all it can take on any number of flavors from chocolate to. Use a sharp vegetable peeler to make chocolate curls by shaving the curls from the side of a bar of white chocolate spread the top of each cake generously with white chocolate ganache top with the, starting with a basic box cake that is frosted add some of these items for foolproof decorations that create beautiful and fun birthday cakes for all ages in just minutes use one of these ideas or