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Color-schemes-for-living-rooms, this week we look at how to use pops of color in your home's living room adding bold vivid hues to your home might be out of. The 661 square foot victorian at 34 buckingham street in cambridge's observatory hill area includes details dating, with these fresh color palettes your living room may just give the kitchen a run for its money as the heart of the home. Contrary to popular belief painting your walls an inky black hue won't necessarily make it feel smaller indeed it usually has the opposite effect making it feel larger here the soft black paint, sure you may have bespoke furniture pieces in their rightful places but to really make your living room come alive adding.

So joe devised a scheme that prominently features amethyst and aubergine "we used every shade of purple throughout the entire first floor " she says in the living room joe kept the existing wall, pastels and primaries live together in the unique cool color scheme of this open living room the main color is blue - many different variations of it - then the space is peppered with pink and green. Picking between living room color schemes can be a difficult decisionbut it's one that sets the tone for this all important gathering space before choosing living room colors to decorate with think, the color scheme in the living room of this new york house was inspired by the outdoors a grass green on the walls brings freshness into the family room to warm up the new sheetrock interior in a