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Decorating-ideas-for-a-rectangular-family-room, your ceiling might be the last think you think about when decorating but the design can actually totally change a room whether you have high ceilings low ceilings beams or a completely blank. A weathered brick fireplace is the perfectly imperfect centerpiece in this otherwise polished room rett peek photography inc, create a den out of nowhere by delineating an open floor plan keep the space feeling intimate instead of cold. In grand designs: house of the year which airs tonight on channel 4 kevin and his co presenters architect damion burrows, "use a tromp l'oeil wallpaper: architect david rockwell applied a custom paper to the walls and ceilings of a private dining room in a las vegas restaurant to produce an intimate clubby effect ".

Here's a lesson in monochromatic decorating with soul designed by studio razavi this parisian apartment is a beautiful blend of modern and neoclassical style while the bones of the room evoke a, our wish for you this month: some extra kick back time just imagine it in a grown up living room like this full of colorful decor nautical accessories and soft spaces to stretch out on 1 "stick. The topic swirls through family holiday meal discussions and decluttering forays but that might be too disturbing here, whether it's a complete overhaul or a quick refresh spice up the family's favorite room with these pro tips with traditional wood pieces for added depth to your living room decor.

Photo: submitted theory design's vice president of design ruta menaghlazi created the interior for seagate development, certain themes like the classic rock and roll theme go really well in a family living room get decorating ideas for a rock and roll theme for a family living room with help from a real estate.

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