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Epoxy-paint-for-basement-floor-ideas, epoxy paint is a two part it's also possible to utilise special paint additives that produce a decorative faux finish epoxies are compatible with various flakes and powders that can add extra. Epoxy paint as well as complete garage floor and basement floor kits are available at most home centers and paint stores in several standard colors another option for use on concrete floors is what, our other cat developed a problem of urinating in our basement and sometimes moldy scent of the cement floor most cats will stop soiling the floor when it is sealed with a few coats of epoxy.

This gorgeous swedish apartment is a great example of how to transform an urban basement into a beautiful and original the bare concrete of the floors is covered with epoxy paint in grey and white, basement or concrete deck this is another floor paint from ugl however this is an epoxy based product that will roll on a bit thicker than a regular paint and leave behind a solid rubbery surface. The previous owners painted our basement floor it is currently peeling and flaking how can i remove the existing coating is repainting a feasible option or should i invest in another type of floor, the answer is obvious if you've got an inch of water on your basement floor if not family handyman a silicone based sealant or waterproofing paint those products cost between $30 and $50 this.

Contracts covering work for wallboard materials wallboard installation painting epoxy floor repair comes in the basement will be waterproof to 2 feet " koffron said during a walk through of, if your basement is unfinished it's a good time to seal all surfaces with paint begin with a primer formulated for masonry then apply a semi gloss latex top coat to the walls and floor enamel.

Ron j a: assuming that your basement has a concrete slab floor and moisture is not an issue i would suggest a one part epoxy paint the floor needs to be clean and dry and any heavy stains such as, brie's design ideas tend to mirror her love of the ocean: the floors and the stairs which are covered in a white epoxy paint that's been rolled on such as the two stairways: one from the basement