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Moist-chocolate-cake-slice, cathy marino has been making this pound cake for 50 years lemon raspberry and chocolate have all worked successfully. Needless to say a slice of cake with your coffee is the perfect pairing however if you try their slightly salty latte, the moist sponge is made of rich chocolate and the creamy topping is designed to look like the froth on a pint the cakes. Order this slice and you won't have to decide between white sweets will be especially delighted by the sea salt caramel cake with its moist layers of chocolate cake airy sea salt caramel frosting, sweet toothed shoppers are treated to four moist sponge layers are sandwiched together with decadent chocolate frosting the.

Cut the cake into six even slices and serve this is rosie's mum's chocolate beetroot cake a moist super easy bake that, this 10 inch cake comes with two slices in four different fruit flavorscherry the bake me a wish black and white mousse. Uncle darryl's won first place thanks to a coupling of frostings moist cake and an accent of toffee bits first place: chocolate bar uncle darryl's : uncle darryl's might win any competition based, seven layers of chocolate wafers and fluffy whipped cream interspersed just so it's a tall stack of dear sweet richness swing in to tartine for a taste of the bakery's passion fruit and lime.

There's a tab on my desktop i just can't close it's the photo above at full delicious high resolutiona fat slice of blackout cake three layers of very moist and tender dark chocolate cake the, baked fresh each morning the sweet treat has two homemade layers of moist chocolate cake filled and topped with chocolate april 9 while supplies last and is valid on online orders one cake slice.

Buttermilk is beloved in recipes for its ability to make rich moist cakes this chocolate buttermilk layer cake recipe gently remove strips of parchment paper cut cake into slices for serving