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Pictures-of-jesus, in a latest action of the man who has arrogated himself the title of an angel the founder and leader of the international godsway church bishop daniel obinim has destroyed all images of jesus christ. Dubai: while many would search online for wallpapers and images of jesus christ on special occasions like christmas this indian expat has one of the largest collections of christ's images on the wall, amman agenzia fides schools in jordan belonging to the latin patriarchate of jerusalem protested vehemently against the al wakeel website which recently caused scandal among the christians of the.

Pictures of the men involved in the theft of nativity figures from the guildhall tableau on 22nd december have been released they show one offender wearing a distinct light coloured top wrenching, around alabama - while no alabamians have claimed to see the image of jesus in a cheeto - or "cheesus" - like texas youth pastor steve cragg did in 2008 people across the state do from time to time. Tito edwards manages catholic websites for the new evangelization that pope john paul ii and then pope benedict xvi asked for in the third millennium after a lifetime of living a nominal catholic, thousands of christians in an impoverished county in rural southeast china have swapped their posters of jesus for portraits of president xi jinping as part of a local government poverty relief.

Beijing nov 15: china has reportedly asked its christian citizen living in country's south east areas to remove the pictures of jesus christ and replace them with a good image of president xi jinping, varvel: christmas inspires dual images of jesus over the years i've drawn many cartoons for christmas day this is the first time i've written about my inspiration.

"jesus christ won't drag you out of poverty or cure your illnesses but the chinese communist party will so take down those pictures of christ and put up a nice photograph of president xi jinping", photographs are also being shared showing the residents swapping the images of jesus with xi on the walls of their houses more from ibtimes uk china bans uighur muslims from using their own language